Feb 26, 15

No pay, no way – how advertising spend is leading the news agenda

Advertising spend dictating the news agenda is not a new problem, but what is new, is that media outlets are starting to talk about it...

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Nov 20, 14

Sense at the Digital Marketing Show 2014

We sent Kale, our Social Media Manager, along to attend the Digital Marketing Show this year. This is what he learned.

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Aug 03, 14

PR is dead, BPro™ is born

I am moving Sense away from the use of the term Public Relations (PR). We've actually got a swear jar, for anyone who dare to use the term in my presence.

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Jul 17, 13

Sense meets Ziggy

David Bowie once said: "I want to be trendy, not a trend-setter." How fantastic.

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