Gibsons - Apple a day

Ever heard of National Apple Day? No, neither had we until a week before, but it’s amazing what campaigns our BPro™ team can create, to capitalise on these types of fun calendar hooks.


This year, to celebrate National Apple Day (21st October), Sense went all out to spread the word about Gibsons’ An Apple-a-Day puzzle, which involved product placement and a quick and easy social media campaign.

After spotting ‘National Apple Day’ on the calendar, Harry grabbed Kale, our fantastic new social media manager and together they pioneered a one-day campaign that really captured the attention of Gibsons’ Facebook followers.

The campaign was based around a competition to win 1 of 5 ‘An Apple A Day’ puzzles, and to enter users had to post what their favourite apple is, and why. Some of the feedback was great, for example one fan, Alison Kinchin, commented “Blenheim Orange reminds me of my childhood - we had apple trees in the garden that my Dad and brothers used to pick from.”

Sense wrote and posted an apple fact every hour, supported by some delicious looking apple images. The audience response was positive, and Gibsons experienced a 400% uplift in engagement compared the same day of the previous week, and 33 likes on the page!

What did it cost?

Nothing – just being fleet of foot, and creative!

Want Sense to get to the core of your social media efforts? Contact Kale on 0203 551 3954 today for a free consultation….and we promise the apple puns stop there.

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