's Annual Childcare Report 2013


When employed Sense to help raise awareness of the service, traditional nursery services across the country sat up and paid attention.  Mary Poppins had landed, on Web 2.0.

Sense identified that the childcare industry was generating headlines, but they were all coming from official government sources that were pushing their policies in preparation for the next general election.

It was time to hear from the people who really know what's going on when it comes to childcare - the parents.  We researched the industry and prepared an annual report that focused on parents' opinions of government policies and support, the barriers parents experienced that stopped them returning to work, and the cost of childcare from region to region.

Findababysitter's inaugural annual report got the attention of the industry immediately, generating engagement from a range of influential stakeholders, and national media.


The video below demonstrates how the report grew in its second year - an increase in coverage of 906%.

Sense is a fantastic partner

Sense is a fantastic partner; increasing brand awareness through proactive and reactive media campaigns. The team's fresh attitude and unique approach has delivered great results for

Tom Harrow

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