Kabbee Takes Centre-Stage During London's Black Cab Protest

On 11th June 2014, London's black cab drivers decided to come to a standstill in the city, in protest against Transport for London's decision to let rival minicab fleet 'Uber' get away with having an in-car taximeter.  Of course, Sense put Kabbee centre-stage.

When we heard that London's black cab drivers had agreed to protest, our mission was to put Kabbee centre-stage.

Kabbee is a British-owned firm, that pays its tax in the UK.  It supports the needs of more than 70 London-based and British-owned fleets, helping their 15,000 drivers to pick up more work, and keep the wheels turning.

To help drive Kabbee's agenda - 'to Make Minicabs Mighty', Sense worked with Kabbee and other industry analysts to calculate the amount of money the protest would suck out of the capital's economy.

The figure was estimated to be £125m, which grabbed the attention of media, and made it into the headlines.

Justin Peters, Kabbee Founder and CEO went on a London studio tour, taking part in live interviews with other major stakeholders in the industry.  The coverage was phenomenal. 

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